Teacher Takes Lessons to the Boxing Ring

Emma Manggun never intended to work in the fitness industry, let alone become one of Australia’s most successful club managers for global fitness franchise, 9Round.

In 2016, Emma was studying to be a PE teacher while working as a PT and didn’t like where the fitness industry was heading (big box gyms with no personality). When she discovered 9Round, it reignited her passion and love for fitness. After starting at 9Round and completing her Masters in Teaching she took on the role of Club Manger and is now part owner of 2 9round Gyms.

She never envisioned that her interview for a casual PT position would lead to the role of Club Manager, let alone Australian Club Manager of the Year – all in just four years!

Now she’s sharing her top management tips with other franchise owners, managers and teams to help them build better businesses.

Every Business is a People Business

As the first 9Round club to open in Melbourne, Fitzroy was set to be a game changer for the industry since day one. But Emma says it’s the trainers and the clients that have made her franchise the success it is today.

“I knew straight away that 9Round was something I wanted to be a part of, it was more than just a gym from day one and that’s what truly sets it apart,” says Emma.

“We make sure our clubs are fun, faced paced and team orientated, and that we’re focused on working to improve the health and lives of all clients.”

Play to Your Strengths

Emma has found a way to combine her two loves of fitness and teaching, creating a role where she can build relationships with clients and improve the welling of those around her. She suggests others find their own strengths and work out how to bring them into their business.

“My skill set as a teacher goes hand in hand with my day to day role of trainer. Being a part of someone’s day to day life, for even 30 minutes and witnessing their passion for personal growth is such a joy,” said Emma.

Make Your Franchise Unique

People can struggle to make their franchise their own while maintaining the overarching brand presence and guidelines. Emma suggests looking for areas where you can add a bit of personality easily, like social media, then sticking to key brand recommendations for things like promotions.

“We’ve had great success from building our digital presence using our own trainers to add a bit of personality and connect with our unique client base,” said Emma.

Personal Touch

Emma emphasises that no matter the age, profession, or fitness level of your clients, taking the time to get to know them, their strengths, fitness goals and passions is critical to long lasting relationships and business.

“Our boutique touch sets us apart every day of the week, when our clients join they are so surprised that we remember their names – it makes them so happy!” said Emma.

Support Your Team

In fitness you’re only as strong as your weakest day, and in business you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Emma recommends investing in your team with support, professional development and recognition.

“For me, that’s what true success is – on all levels from management to juniors, every having a strong skillset and feeling supported,” said Emma.

Aim High

Established by a passionate team (many of which have been at the club since day one) our Brunswick and Fitzroy team is committed to exceeding client expectations and remaining the best in the business. 

Emma believes its this dedication to being their best that keeps the club buzzing.

“Loving what you do and working with people that share a passion for their work is critical to success. A happy team equals a happy club,” she said.   

For more information about 9Round, or to register your interest in a 9Round franchise, visit their website.